Palo National High School was established in 1993 by virtue of Republic Act # 7150, authored and sponsored by the Late Congressman Cirilio “Roy” Montejo during his term as Congressman of the First District of Leyte and promulgated on August 22, 1991. The school accommodates about 75% of the school-aged population from the Eight Barangays in the poblacion and suburban barangays as well as from neighboring towns of Palo. The school grew from three (3) sections of sixty (60) students served by three (3) faculty members to forty three (43) sections with an average of seventy (70) students per section being served by a faculty of sixty (60) and two school heads.

    Mr. Luis C. Velasco served as School head and Principal from 1993 to 2008, Mr. Nestor E. Ripalda followed in 2008-2011, while Mr. Michael A. Regis assumed the administration of the school in the same year up to the present. When school year 2012 – 2013 commenced, Palo National High School opened a Satellite Campus at Barangay Pawing, Palo Leyte and offered the first Senior High School Curriculum in the whole region with an initial clientele of eighty (80) students.

    Since its founding, the school has achieved in so short a time, what other schools may have achieved for a longer and protracted time. Every year, our graduates are increasing in number while attaining local and national accolades through various competitions which our students excel, like the STEP Competition, Bio-Math Olympiad, Socio-Cultural and Political Competitions. Our school also never fails to make it in competitive scholarship and qualifying exams such as the UPCAT, and other allied courses offered by the various tertiary educational institutions, here or in Cebu and Manila. After 19 short years, we have graduates who have finished their careers and are excelling in their chosen fields. In 2007, we have an alumnus who placed second in the Board Examinations for Chemical Engineers, a fete that has not yet been attained nor surpassed by other public secondary institutions in the Municipality of Palo, Leyte.

    Given those achievement, we in Palo National shall never falter in her quest to reach the peak of her glory for years to come.


    palo NHS school seal

    The school adopted the seal in school year 1998-1999, through the artistic talent of Mr. Amadeo Morano under the guidance of then school principal, Mr. Luis C. Velasco.


    Interpretations of the Symbols and Figures:

    The school seal is a banner of round shield with four quadrants signifying the concerted efforts and commitment of the school and the community on the student’s physical, aesthetic, spiritual, moral,  intellectual, social and emotional well-being.

    The space between the outer and inner circle contains the complete name of the school, its address and the year it was founded.

    On the upper left quadrant, we see the picture of the Palo Metropolitan Cathedral, signifying the value of  Faith and Love of GOD, respect and care for HIS creation which PaloNHS imbibes in the consciousness   of her students.

    On the lower left quadrant, we see the picture of an open book with a lighted torch over it, signifying that Palo National High School as a learning institution, aspires to impart on the students, knowledge, truth and general education that would equip him with skills, concepts and work habits that would enable him to cope with the rigors of day to day living.

    On the upper right quadrant, we see the picture of a coconut, signifying the source of descent and dignified livelihood for the people of Palo. This stands for the value for the Love of Work and the dignity it brings, which PaloNHS seeks to inculcate in its students.

    On the lower right quadrant, we see the picture of Gen. Douglas MacArthur wading ashore at Red Beach Palo, Leyte to initiate the final retaking and liberation of the Philippines. This picture signifies the rich cultural and historic heritage of Palo, through which the values of Patriotism, Freedom, and Love for its People, History and Culture, PNHS inculcates in the minds and hearts of her students.

    Reference: Palo NHS School Manual, Fidelino Josol 09/2012





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